Egypt Immersion Ideas

Bring the Tastes and Sounds of Egypt Home for Game Night!

Imagine yourself gazing at the human wonders built and sculpted in the Egyptian desert thousands of years ago with the warm sun shining on your face. After an exhilarating trek through the sand, aided by camels, you’re parched with thirst and hungry for a hearty meal. Time to head to the banks of the Nile River where you can cool off and feast on local delectables. Below are our recommendations for an authentic night of Egyptian flavor.

Check out our cuisine, drink, and music recommendations below.

Our Recommendations:


Indulge in the savory delight of Ful Medames, a traditional Egyptian dish bursting with flavors of slow-cooked fava beans, garlic, and spices, creating a rich and hearty experience that satisfies every palate. Pair it with our delectable Basbousa Cake, a moist and fragrant semolina dessert soaked in sweet syrup, boasting a perfect balance of texture and sweetness. Find the recipes here.


Savor the refreshing allure of our Hibiscus Tea, a vibrant infusion crafted from dried hibiscus flowers, delivering a tantalizing blend of tangy and floral notes that invigorate the senses with each sip! Find the recipe here.


Embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting melodies of Egypt with our curated playlist of traditional Egyptian music. From the spirited tunes of folkloric celebrations to the soul-stirring sounds of classical compositions, let our playlist transport you to the mysterious Valley of the Kings and beyond. Find it all on our complete playlist here.