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Natasha B.

This was a very fun experience! I do escape rooms/puzzles all the time and enjoyed this one. The whole family could participate, but overall it was still challenging enough to take a few hours and be fun!

John D.

Finders Seekers is our favorite puzzle in a box. We look forward to each month's puzzles. They are varied and clever. Plus, we learn something every month.

Jennifer D.

Always a fun story and interesting information about each place. My husband and I really enjoy doing these every month!

Michael B.

My wife and I loved the Athens adventure! We were pleasantly surprised by the cleverness of the puzzles, and very surprised by the high quality of the included compass. It's definitely a keeper!

Timothy D.

Great fun for the entire family! Everyone contributes and when you consider the price/time spent, it is a great entertainment value! We love these games!

Debbie S.

Love, love!! I got my first box yesterday and I am hooked. So much fun and educational at the same time. Great activity do with kids! Great idea, great package, well thought out! A+

Kim L.

Our family is enjoying the boxes every month. It is so fun seeing into the creative, puzzle-solving minds of my teenagers.

Kellie B.

This has been a fantastic purchase. We tried it once just to see if we would like it and had a blast. We look forward to these coming in the mail to enjoy for date night.


Explore cryptic clues and puzzles,


get your heart racing...


and your brain ticking!