Each box contains a letter from Lucy that gives instructions on how to get started and usually a website to visit.

Be sure you type the website address exactly the way it appears in the letter, including the .com. Some of our players try to Google, or search, for the web address instead of typing it into the address bar. Google won’t always provide the correct link as its results. Here are links to the most current versions of our boxes:




Chicago: no link required to start



Las Vegas


Mexico City

Mont St Michel



San Francisco: no link required to start



Toronto: use the web addresses from the postcards

Washington DC

There’s no need to sign in to play Finders Seekers. Your login is only used to manage your subscription or gifts.

We recommend our games for 1 - 8 players, though more can certainly play. We have large groups gather and libraries to play together and it’s a great way to collaborate with others.

We recommend for ages 10+ (with the help from an adult). Our content is always family friendly (no murders or violence) but the game is challenging and designed for adults.

We provide hints and the answers along the way so you don’t get frustrated. We also have a very active Finders Seekers User Group available on Facebook if you’d like to collaborate with other Seekers. To join, visit:

Yes, most of our boxes require access to the Internet. This is how we provide information for puzzles, hints and verify that you have the answer correct.

We are continually streamlining our process to ensure items aren’t missed. However, on occasion, we make a mistake. But no worries, we will make it right. Just email us at and let us know what you need.

An extra space or character in your answer may cause the website to reject your answer, even if it appears correct. Reload the page and re-enter the answer and it should work. Sometimes a browser may also cache an incorrect answer if attempted several times. Again, reload the page and try entering the answer again.

We have now developed 17 different mysteries and add 3 new ones each year in December, January and February. These include: Sydney, San Francisco, Hawaii, Paris, Boston, Beijing, London, Las Vegas, Toronto, Washington DC, Petra, Athens, Mexico City, Mont St. Michel, Ireland, Chicago and Tokyo.

We typically sell out of our boxes each month! On occasion, we may have some left over inventory that can be purchased through our “Shop”:

For obvious reasons, we’d prefer you purchase from us so that our hard work is rewarded. It also creates issues with your account. We rotate through our boxes and re-release them every couple of years, each time making them better and adding new puzzles. Subscribe long enough, and you will get all of our adventures. If you purchase from someone else, we won’t know this and you could end up with a duplicate box.

We will be shipping the following boxes (subject to change):

  • 2020
  • January: Chicago
  • February: Tokyo
  • March: Sydney
  • April: San Francisco
  • May: Hawaii
  • June: Paris
  • July: Boston
  • August: Beijing
  • September: London
  • October: Vegas
  • November: Toronto
  • December: US National Parks

  • 2021
  • January: New! Not yet announced
  • February: New! Not yet announced
  • March: Washington DC
  • April: Petra
  • May: Athens
  • June: Mexico City
  • July: Mont St Michel
  • August: Ireland
  • September: Chicago
  • October: Tokyo
  • November: Sydney

We ship the same box to all subscribers each month, so we don’t offer the opportunity to choose what box you receive. On occasion, we may have a few past boxes available for you to purchase at our “Shop”:

Each of our boxes is its own complete mystery, so you don’t have to wait for another box to feel the satisfaction of cracking the case.

Yes, we have several groups get together virtually and solve our mysteries using Zoom. It’s a great way to collaborate and have fun while maintaining safe social distancing! We recommend that each household/location has their own box so everyone can review the box contents.

Renewals occur around midnight on the 1st of the month. If you signed up for a month to month subscription, your first renewal won’t occur until after your first box ships. We want to make sure Finders Seekers is right for you. If you’ve ordered after the 20th, your first renewal won’t be processed for another month.

Of course! You can sign up and then cancel before the box renews (renewals occur on the 1st of every month). We’ll still send you the first box that you paid for.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by logging into your account or by emailing us.

We will send you an email confirmation letting you know that your subscription has been cancelled and you won’t be charged again. We will still ship any boxes that you have paid for before the cancellation occurred.

If you decide you don’t want a box that you ordered and it has not shipped yet, we are willing to send a refund, minus a 10% processing fee to recover credit card fees that we incur.

At check out, select the box that says “This is a gift.” By doing so, the subscription won’t automatically renew unless you select that option.

As soon as the first box is shipped to recipients, we will send them an email with the tracking information and let them know who the gift was from.

If you’d like us not to send an email to the recipient, you can input your own email address instead of the recipient. That way, you will get the email notifications instead of your recipient.

We ship once a month, on the 23rd. If you order by the 21st, your box will ship on the 23rd of the same month. If your order is placed after the 21st, your box will ship the following month on the 23rd. We occasionally have some inventory left over from the previous month, so if you’ve missed the shipping deadline and want a box shipped sooner, you can always email us and see if that option is available.

There is no need to have your recipient sign in to play our games. Everything they need is included in the box.

You can purchase multiple boxes and send as gifts to different addresses. You will need to enter each order separately under your account so you can enter in the different addresses.

You can download a gift card at Save the PDF to your desktop and then you can personalize it and either print or email it to the recipient.

Orders placed December 17 - 31 will ship by January 15. We offer a printable gift message that you can download at Save it to your computer and you can personalize it, then print or email to your recipient.

Any future boxes will ship on the 23rd of each month.

Our system is set up to catch duplicates being sent, but sometimes it makes mistakes. No worries, we’ll make it right. Just email us and we will send a replacement or process a refund.

We ship with United States Postal Service, using First Class with tracking.

We ship throughout the United States (including its territories and military APO addresses) and Canada. Shipping is free within the US and $5.95 for Canada.

For US destinations, boxes usually arrive in 3 to 5 business days, though we have seen some slowing due to COVID-19. International shipments vary greatly, ranging between 10 days to 4 weeks. Again, COVID-19 has caused some additional delays.

Each month, we send you an email with a tracking number as soon as your box ships. It may take the post office 24-48 hours before they post updates to your tracking number. Tracking numbers are also posted in your Finders Seekers account login. However, they may appear several days or a week before the box is taken to the post office. This is because we have created the shipping label and our fulfillment center is hard at work producing your box.

Please email us and we will make it right.

The best way to contact us is through email. We ask that you respond to an email notification (receipt, renewal, shipping etc.) that we send you from Lucy. This way we will be able to quickly find your account. We respond to email inquiries within 24 hours.